Rewire your subconscious mind with Bhawana


Rewire your subconscious mind with Bhawana

1 hour | Up to 20 people | Hosted in English | ₹299

What To Bring

    1. A Notebook
    2. Pen/pencil
    3. Water bottle

What To Expect

Psst! Want to hear a secret? Our Subconscious Specialist Bhawna can help you hack your mind to increase your happiness quotient and performance. We invite you to be a part of an hour-long fun workshop that lets you witness incredible powers of your subconscious mind, understand tools to manage your anxiety & overcome emotional & creative blocks through activities and personal dialogue.

Your Guru

Bhawana is a life transformation and mindset coach.
She helps people overcome their subconscious blocks that cause self-doubt, anxiety, depression, and procrastination by uncovering unconscious beliefs/emotions and rewiring them to create a life fueled with happiness and pure potential. She is also a meditation instructor and uses meditation as a tool to reboot your mind.

  1. Download Zoom ( to your computer or smartphone for free. After you book, you’ll receive an email with a link and details on how to join.

  2. Check that you have a stable internet connection for best experience. A computer or a laptop is preferred over a smartphone.

  3. Set up a good sound system for the most immersive experience.

How To Participate

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