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Learn Facial Expressions in Dance with Shriya Popat

1 hour | Up to 20 people | Hosted in English | ₹299
Friday, 21 August, 2020, 2:00:00 pm UTC
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What To Bring

    Your beautiful smile!

What To Expect

Kathakar Shriya Popat believes it is important to connect with your music to perfect your expressions and eventually your dance. Learn to tell a story simply using your expressions in this hour long workshop! :)

Your Guru


Young legendary Kathak dance maestro, Shriya Popat is being mentored authentically, aesthetically and philosophically under the steward wings of the great living legend 'Naad Nritya Yogi 'Acharya Pandit Anupam Rai following the ancient Guru Shishya tradition. Shriya's devotion and dedication has been nurturing her fine aptitude and approach towards the dance as a real Fine Art.
Her dance is a beautiful confluence of the elegance and laasya of Lucknow , briskness alongwith complexities of various compositions hailing from Jaipur , the divinity belonging to Banaras and mathematically structured Bandishs and Chhand Kavitta of Raigadh schools of Kathak Nritya. She chooses to perform some rare research based presentations.

Backed with an M.A in Kathak, she has been parellely imparting the knowledge of this art form for the last 6 years in Anupam Academy of Performing Arts in the form of regular training and workshops, both online and offline, to students of various age groups right from 5 year old kids to young and elderly men and women,from different parts of the world. She has the unusual flair of establishing a rapport with students of any age group, gender and background. Her knowledge about this dance form as well as patience and dedication towards imparting Natwari Kathak in its true essence, inspires anyone who learns from her.

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Learn Facial Expressions in Dance with Shriya Popat