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Basics of Handwriting Analysis with Neima Bhushan

1 hour | Up to 20 people | Hosted in English | ₹299
Saturday, 15 August, 2020, 6:30:00 am UTC
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What To Bring

    1. One ruled diary
    2. One unruled diary
    3. Pen
    4. Pencil
    5. Ruler
    6. Three Handwriting samples on preferably unruled paper

What To Expect

Would you like to surprise them by accurately pointing out their personality traits in the first meet? Graphology is the science to learn about behaviour patterns of a person through analyzing handwriting. Curious, aren’t you? Take this live interactive online workshop with Graphologist Neima Bhushan to learn the fundamentals of Graphology and how it can be used in your daily life to assess, understand and interact with people in your immediate surroundings and accurately evaluate their personality characteristics. 

Your Guru


Neima Bhushan is a qualified Lawyer & an accomplished Graphologist. After studying all 4 levels from the Graphology Institute, Pune, under the guidance of Sr. Graphologist Mr Milind Rajore, she has coached over 300+ students in the past 12 years. Mrs. Bhushan is also a certified Numerologist, Astrologer, Tarot card reader and is well versed with Bhagwad Gita and Vedanta.

  1. Download Zoom (www.zoom.com) to your computer or smartphone for free. After you book, you’ll receive an email with a link and details on how to join.

  2. Check that you have a stable internet connection for best experience. A computer or a laptop is preferred over a smartphone.

  3. Set up a good sound system for the most immersive experience.

How To Participate

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Basics of Handwriting Analysis with Neima Bhushan