Learn the Secrets of Self-Healing

Learn the Secrets of Self-Healing

Maya Sagarika
Discover your life’s purpose, clear your past life Karma, connect with your intuition and Manifest your dreams!

About the Course

Have you ever realized that you have the power to self-heal? Just like your body heals the physical injuries, it can heal those invisible but very real mental and emotional ones too. In the pursuit of success, if you have been exposed to prolonged stress, chances are that you may not even be knowing that it has already overpowered you and your experience of life is not being as magical as it should be. “All this simply is the very reason why you landed up on this page and are reading this in the first place,” says Maya, “for you were meant to!”

Whether it be discovering your life’s purpose or manifesting your dreams and desires, Maya, one of our wisest Gurus, has a lot of secrets to share with you that will completely change the way you know yourself. Her self-healing techniques are equivalent to mental band-aids. Applying them will improve your mental health and enhance your capacity to remain happy.

Your Guru

Professional Reiki healer and artist, Maya Sagarika is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. She runs Awakening (@awakeningbrand), a brand that aims to heal through art. Having herself fought depression, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder successfully using scientifically proven self-healing practices, Maya is also one of the most compassionate souls you’ll ever come across. She loves travelling, writing poetry, and connecting with communities. She wants everyone to experience the magical world of art and recognize its therapeutic value. Her vision is to start Awakening Academy for teaching & experiencing holistic and sustainable living with the practice of creative expression. You can check her mesmerizing work @heretakepositivity

What will you learn?

Introduction to Self-Healing
3 Secret practices of a successful & healthy mindset
1 BONUS secret technique for making dreams come true!

Who is it for?

Anyone who is seeking to work on their mental health, work-life balance, emotional balance, creative expression, or discovering new perspectives on life. This experience is designed for everyone out there who’d want to lead a peaceful, purposeful, and successful life.

What To Bring

How To Participate

1. Journal/diary
2. Black pen
3. Comfortable seating to write/paint
4. Enough lighting
5. Calm/undisturbed ambiance
6. Good speakers/headphones

1. Download Zoom (www.zoom.com) to your computer or smartphone for free. After you book, you’ll receive an email with a link and details on how to join.

2. Check that you have a stable internet connection for best experience. 3. A computer or a laptop is preferred over a smartphone.

4. Set up a good sound system for the most immersive experience.

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