What is Skillery?

Skillery is a one-stop destination to learn unique skills through personalised interactive virtual sessions offered by qualified experts from across the world.

Why was Skillery born?

Learning new skills is the single most important ingredient of human well-being, especially during a pandemic. Research shows that it increases the white matter in our brain, which is pivotal in warding off stress. Not just that, acquiring a new skill requires overcoming self-limiting beliefs, applying determination, and improving our creative expression. It enables us to explore the limitless human potential and open up new career opportunities.


Skillery is a platform where learning can happen every day. Seekers can discover not just a variety of stimulating workshops and courses offered by qualified Gurus, but also a community of like-minded individuals who learn together.

Get To Know Us Better

There is no pleasure in this world without skill. - Alan Watts.

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Our Mission

We aim to make learning easier, fun and frequent through better discoverability of various skills, and by forming a community of curious Seekers and experienced Gurus.

Our Vision

Enabling evolution of human potential through skills to nourish the mind and body, by bringing systemic changes in the skill exchange environment.

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Meet the Founders

Anika Beri

What does it take to live a life in which work is indistinguishable from play? Being an avid traveller, Anika realised that she didn’t need the old 20th century idea of “career” to dictate what she needed to do in life. An Architect, a mural artist, scriptwriter, psychic counsellor, new-age Astrologer, video jockey, marketing manager at The Souled Store, choreographer, this Beri has a lot of ‘bers’ up her sleeve and has also successfully built her Tarot and Mural art business as Curiousberi. She believes that happiness is a by-product of creation and learning everyday. With Skillery she aims to build a community of creators driven by a common agenda to make their everyday special & unleash their utmost potential.

Shikhar Mehrotra

Always on the lookout to make life something more than it already is, Shikhar, once a marketing professional, broke up with his corporate career to find himself more on journeys, enriching his life with new experiences while exploring his creative side. And he found himself to be a poet, a writer, a photographer, a singer, a brand manager, and even an energy healer along its course! Two years hence, he is already on his way to publishing his first novel and creating a web-series. Through Skillery, Shikhar aims to help others to set on their journey of self-exploration as he believes that a world with more purposeful souls will be a happier world. 

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